In Brief: 
I love for the pure joy this brings me.  I relish spending time in Nature, Communicating with Nature and Animals, Writing and Photography.   These things raise my vibration, and connect me more deeply with my own Source, my own genius, my own unique brilliance. I love sharing my own unique talents and gifts and in doing so, my Presence illuminates others. I celebrate the Diversity which we are as Source experiencing itself as Everything. I embrace it all!
Today I am focused on “loving for the sake of loving” without any attachments or expectations.  Just loving for the joy it brings.  This gives me great freedom, for there are no longer any anger, judgments, resentments affecting every cell of my precious being! I have no stories to remember, no past history or future imaginings to hold against anyone or anything! I am totally free to live in the here and now! I feel more alive and more vibrant every single day.  I also love helping others to follow their own journeys.

More in Depth: 
Love has been a thread woven throughout my life from early childhood when I wrote poems about love.  When I had to go to church as a child, my favorite Bible passage was 1 Corinthians 13. I wanted to be a translator then, helping people from different countries to better understand one another in a more loving way.  Later I began communicating with animals and nature learning more about unconditional love and embracing all of life.  I became a trained facilitator for Danaan Parry’s classes called Essential Peacemaking/Women & Men, which were all about men and women understanding one another back in the 80‘s.  I have taken several different courses in coaching: Conversations With God Coaching, Coaching To Trust, Spiritual Coaching, Abundance Coaching, Intuition Coaching, Visionary Coaching and more! All these classes focused on the “art of communication” and I found the greater the love, the more benefits resulted in the communications.

My History:
 I grew up in Woodland Hills, California on the edge of Los Angeles, up in “the sticks” as they were called, the brushy foothills surrounding the San Fernando Valley with narrow curvy roads, lots of trees and sagebrush.  Down in “the flats,” the roads were mostly straight, level, wider and trees were neatly planted along the edges. Many of the roads also had sidewalks which are still non existent even today where I grew up.

There was a different culture up in the hills which demanded more responsibility.  We lived in a dry hot area which was home for things like scorpions, tarantula spiders and rattle snakes, in addition to wildfires!  As children, we were trained to be on the lookout for such things while we played and were very careful where we walked, or when we lifted rocks, for example. We looked out for broken glass which we would bury because it could easily ignite a fire!  If we saw someone throw a cigarette out a car window, we would run and make sure it was extinguished! Our homes were at stake here!

We were allowed to play all over the hills all day, as long as we were home for dinner.  We rarely were hurt and respected the wildlife and our parents. Our parents usually trusted us to be careful, watch out for traffic in the road, listen to other parents, and be home on time.  Television was very new, only two or three stations in black and white.  You created your own games, made your own kites and skate boards, and never told your parents you were bored!! They always had a long list of things you would do for them!!
Animals have always been a part of my life. When I came into the world, there were already two mallard ducks in our family and as I grew up, my sister and I also had many more animals, including cats, mice, chameleons, a myna bird, a skunk, a small tortoise, a pony, a rat, a dog and other creatures. My partner also had animals and we continued the tradition with our own children, who in addition to many cats and dogs, also cared for their own ponies, milking goats, rabbits, gerbils, rats, and a snake among others. Today, our children are on their own and I have one cat and one dog and my former partner/roommate has a dog and a cockatiel.

I have learned animals are a part of virtually everyone’s life in some way or another. Many of the things I eat, use, wear, live in, sometimes contain materials derived from animals or insects in some way.  Animals also serve as guide dogs, help police, assist in search and rescue, know when someone is going to have a seizure, and can even detect cancer in humans before our machines can identify it. They live in our homes as companions, nurture abused adults and children, visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes. They offer friendship and unconditional love, and at times, when no one else will. I enjoy assisting people to have better relationships with their animal friends and to have animals experience more joy-filled and peaceful lives.
Today I have a beautiful relationships with all kinds of Beings including my computer, my car, my house and so much more! Learning how to align my energy with all forms of life in this magical place I live, transformed dullness and struggle into more peace, ecstasy and bliss!