the fog and the trees

the fog and trees it was so intimate lovers embracing intertwined arms legs fingers nothing left untouched seamless no clearly defined edges how deeply do they penetrate each other how long do they hold on limbs embracing is it difficult to disengage as the temperature rises the embraces erased the tree and its lover parting […]

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Celebrating the Magic I Am

I had a big AHA this morning about “allowing” and “being at peace with what IS” and “going with the flow” after our call!! Wanted to share with my Cosmic Citizen friends my morning journaling today!! Sharing “my experience” of life up to now…this moment.. my own personal view …. God, Source, Consciousness created and […]

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Loving What Is

I sit pondering questions about the mistreatment and abuse of animals.  Time goes slowly for me when I am angry, tired and in pain. I am held in limbo retracing my steps as if they were inside a circle and I could not find my way out. I have completely closed myself off to other […]

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